Marie Osmond’s Style Is Timeless! See Her Transformation From Her Teenage Years to Now

We all know it’s hard to have a singing career in Hollywood, but it’s even more tough to continue topping the charts year after year. But that’s exactly what Marie Osmond and the rest of her family did when they first broke out into the music scene back in the ’70s.

As a teenager, Marie, 60, was a wide-eyed girl eager to make a name for herself and, thanks to her amazing singing voice, it wasn’t that hard. “I feel so blessed that I’ve done so many different things,” she recently gushed to Closer Weekly about her superstar career. “I believe you always have something that you want to do. I probably will work until I’m dead just because it’s always been a safe place for me.”

David Thompson/Shutterstock

“When life brought lots of lemons, work was my lemonade and it gave me … I had to support my family and it was just a safe place. I loved it,” she added. “That’s something that I could do and get on stage and kind of leave all the problems behind for an hour.”

Even though Marie has achieved so much success in her career, she can’t ever imagine leaving it all behind for a quiet life outside the spotlight. “I’ll probably be that old lady on Broadway that does the comedic part. I’ll swing on the ball,” she joked. “I love Betty White, isn’t she awesome? She played my mom in a series that we did briefly [Maybe This Time, which ran for 18 episodes between 1995 and 1996], but there’s a great person who just loves everything she does. I love her.”

We could totally see Marie having a career like Betty’s one day. The 97-year-old The Golden Girls star is one of the most beloved actresses of all time and the “Love Me for a Reason” singer has already conquered singing, acting and now hosting a daytime talk show on TV with The Talk. Seriously, is there anything that Marie can’t do?!

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