Marie Osmond’s Beauty Is Timeless! See the Singer’s Transformation From Her Teenage Years to Now

It’s been over five decades since Marie Osmond rose to fame as the star of Donny & Marie, but her gorgeous transformation is a testament to her effortless beauty and enviable talent. Over the years, fans have loved watching Marie evolve from a teen idol into an iconic singer.

We all know it’s hard to have a singing career in Hollywood, but it’s even more difficult to continue topping the charts year after year. But that’s exactly what Marie and the rest of her famous family did when they first broke out into the music scene back in the ’70s.

As a teenager, Marie, was a wide-eyed girl eager to make a name for herself, and thanks to her amazing singing voice, it wasn’t that hard. “I feel so blessed that I’ve done so many different things,” she gushed to Closer Weekly about her superstar run in October 2019. “I believe you always have something that you want to do. I probably will work until I’m dead just because it’s always been a safe place for me.”

The “Paper Roses” songstress has been open about the personal struggles she’s faced throughout her career, including the 2010 death of her beloved son Michael, but being a performer allowed her to “kind of leave all the problems behind” when she was on stage.

“When life brought lots of lemons, work was my lemonade,” she explained to Closer. “I had to support my family and it was just a safe place. I loved it.”

Even though Marie has achieved so much success in her career, she can’t ever imagine leaving it all behind for a quiet life outside the spotlight. Following her exit from The Talk in September 2020, the Dancing With the Stars alum revealed she has tons of projects to look forward to.

“One of the highlights of my year at #TheTalk was working with my dear friend John Redmann,” she wrote in her statement of the CBS program’s former EP and showrunner, who also left the talk show. “I’m excited to continue our working relationship on several projects we are developing.”

At the time Marie announced her decision to leave the Emmy Award-winning program after one year, a source revealed she was thrilled about “spending more time” with her husband, Steve Craig.

“Their marriage is solid [and] she’s all about reconnecting to her husband with no kids around,” the insider told Closer, referring to her seven children, Stephen, Jessica, Rachael, Brandon, Brianna, Matthew and Abigail. “She’s happy about having an empty nest. Don’t count Marie out — she’s not going anywhere.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Marie’s stunning transformation from her teenage years to now!