Mel Gibson Is a Proud Dad to 9 Kids — Meet His Huge Family!

If you’ve ever seen a movie in your life, chances are you’ve seen a film that Mel Gibson has been in, and that’s because he’s a legendary actor. And while he has plenty of awards thanks to his acting career, there’s something else he has plenty of that he cares about a lot more: his kids.

The 63-year-old was pretty unknown when he previously met Robyn Denise Moore, who was working as a dental nurse, but in 1980 the pair married. The couple went on to have seven kids, one daughter and six sons. But the Braveheart star was not done welcoming children quite yet. After he and his first wife officially divorced in 2011, Mel began dating Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva, and they also had one kid, a daughter.

Mel Gibson Family
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So far, that’s a total of eight children for Mel, but the Oscar winner had one more kid after splitting with Oskana in 2010, as he and his current partner, former equestrian vaulter and screenwriter, Rosalind Ross, recently had a son in 2017. All-in-all that is nine kids for the Lethal Weapon actor.

Scroll through the gallery below to meet all of Mel’s kids!

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