Marie Osmond has truly never looked better in a pair of skinny jeans. She shared a photo in the slim denim look to her Instagram page on Tuesday, June 8, showing how the 50 pounds she lost following Dancing with the Stars in 2007 has stayed off her body.

The 61-year-old looked confident and fabulous with her hand on her hip and her legs looking so trim in the jeans. She wore a fitted, orange T-shirt tucked in at her slim waistline, along with a light green short camouflage jacket to complete her springtime look.


Photo Courtesy of Nutrisystem

Marie wrote in the caption, “I love this time of year! I remember years ago dreading taking walks or hikes because I was carrying around so much extra weight. Thanks to @nutrisystem, I lost 50 lbs and have the energy to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.”

Marie Osmond Models Skinny Jeans After 50-Pound Weight Loss

The entertainer lost the weight partly thanks to teaming up with Nutrisystem while she was competing on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars in 2007. “I was doing Dancing with the Stars, and I thought 50 extra pounds in spandex is not a beautiful combination. I was ready,” she told Fox News in 2019 about what spurred her weight loss journey.

“It took me about four months to lose 50 pounds. People assume I lost it on Dancing with the Stars, but that’s not true. I started my journey before I did that show. And while I was doing Dancing with the Stars, Nutrisystem found me.  … And it was fantastic,” she explained about teaming up with the weight loss plan.

“I was going through a divorce, a custody battle, I was dancing – but it helped me get back to my healthier, happier self. I just can’t do steamed chicken and vegetables. It doesn’t work for me. … But I wanted to take care of me. And that’s what I did,” Marie recalled.

Fortunately, the company’s food plan worked out perfectly for Marie’s needs. “I eat six times a day, I never starve,” Marie told the Daily Mail in 2020. “When I first started Nutrisystem, I was freaked out because I felt like I ate too much food. Because in the past, I would not eat all day and then I would have a big dinner before I went to bed. I ate inconsistently.”

“But realized that I had slowed down my metabolism by not eating and then overloaded my body. My metabolism was dead. So it took a while to get used to eating six times a day, but when I did, I lost weight because I was keeping my metabolism revved up,” Marie continued.

“When I was 50 pounds overweight, I couldn’t walk up the stairs with a laundry basket without huffing and puffing. Now, I can hike with my husband and run around with my grandkids,” the singer proclaimed. Just as she said in her photo’s caption, Marie no longer has to “dread” taking walks or hikes now that she’s been 50 pounds lighter for the past 13 years.