Do you ever ask yourself what Marie Osmond does when she isn’t singing with brother Donny Osmond in Las Vegas, co-hosting The Talk, or being one of the most inspirational celebrities on Instagram? Well, we have the answer! Turns out that during those rare moments away from the spotlight, she spends time with her beloved husband, Steve Craig.

“We sit and watch TV and eat popcorn,” Marie, 60, gushed about the chill date nights she has at home with her man. “We’re very low-key. We like to go camping. We like outside and outdoors. He loves to bike. Really, we’re both just kind of easy, mellow. We’re best friends. We don’t have to do something to be entertained. He really is an amazing man.”

Marie Osmond and Steve Craig Wedding
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One of the things that makes Steve so special to the “Paper Roses” singer is that she made the choice to be with him not once, but twice. The two were first wed from 1982 until 1985 and then they said “I do” for the second time in 2011. Between those trips down the aisle, Marie was married her only other husband, Brian Blosil, from 1986 until 2007.

“[Steve] took my life from crazy and hectic and sad and discombobulated,” Marie revealed, bringing up her decades-long relationship with Brian. “My last marriage was tough and he just kind of put all the pieces back together.”

Finding love again with Steve has also completely changed the way Marie looks at love and the idea of soulmates.

Marie Osmond and Husband Steve Craig
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“A friend of mine lost her husband and she said the hardest thing was that she lost a piece [of herself], like a limb. I never could understand that because it was always tough for me. Now that I have him back in my life, I can see how that would be the hardest loss in the world to lose your best friend,” the mom of eight explained.

“So I told him I better go first or I’ll kill him,” Marie half-joked. “No, I’m serious. It’s like you hear people and you’re like, ‘Oh, finally, now I get it.’ I’m in love for the first time in my life — like really in love — and it’s probably the most wonderful experience I’ve had. Truly in love.”

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