Keanu Reeves and longtime girlfriend Alexandra Grant have spoken about how much they respect each other, and the artist loves the fact that the John Wick star is such a “gentleman.”

“They see themselves as soulmates,” a source told Us Weekly about their dynamic on Thursday, April 25.

“They’re shy by nature so there’s no overintensity or jealousy on either side,” the insider added. “Alexander appreciates that Keanu is a total gentleman who encourages her to pursue her passions, while he says she’s one of the kindest people he’s ever met.”

Keanu, 59, and Alexandra, 54, officially stepped out as a couple in 2019 after working with each other professionally for almost a decade.

The duo met at a dinner party in 2009 and by 2011, they collaborated on the Speed actor‘s book, Ode to Happiness, where Alexandra provided the illustrations to his text.

“The book was made as a surprise, by me, for Keanu, as a private gift,” Alexandra told British Vogue in 2020. “All our friends sitting in the room got the giggles when I gave it to him — they said, ‘Please publish it!’ So that’s how we got into publishing.”

The pair published a second book, Shadows, in 2016, which featured a series of 54 photographs of Keanu in various movements as photographed by Alexandra.

Alexandra Grant 'Appreciates' Keanu Reeves Is 'a Gentleman'
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The two went into business together a year later, founding the publishing house X Artists’ Books.

While the duo was well known as close friends and colleagues, Keanu and Alexandra proved their relationship blossomed into a romance when made their relationship official at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in 2019, where they walked the red carpet holding hands.

In March 2023, Keanu gave rare insight into his relationship with his girlfriend when asked to recall his last moment of bliss.

“A couple of days ago with my honey,” he gushed to People. “We were in bed. We were connected. We were smiling and laughing and giggling. Feeling great. It was just really nice to be together.”

Alexandra spoke about their “love” to the publication in September 2023.

“The good news about falling in love as an adult is that I had built my own career by the time that my relationship had begun,” she explained. “I feel very confident in the relationship on the red carpet. I feel confident on it alone.”

“What I love about Keanu and our exchange is that we’re pushing each other to build new roads,” the artist revealed. “Seeing the other person’s problem-solving is inspiring, like, ‘Oh, well, okay, this one, that’s a cul-de-sac. How do I try this other thing?’”

“He’s such an inspiration to me,” Alexandra added. “He’s so creative, he’s so kind. He works so hard.”