Valerie Bertinelli and boyfriend Mike Goodnough can’t fight the alchemy! The actress shared a cute black-and-white Instagram video of the couple cuddling on a sofa while glowing with happiness on Monday, April 29.

The Hot in Cleveland alum had her head on Mike’s lap as they both smiled and laughed. She panned the camera to show a roaring fire in the fireplace nearby.

Valerie, 64, proved she’s a Taylor Swift fan and up to date with her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, by playing her song “The Alchemy” over the video. The cookbook author chose the lyrics, “Cause the sign on your heart / Said it’s still reserved for me / Honestly, who are we to fight the alchemy?” to showcase her connection with Mike.

While some fans in the comments told Valerie she needed to “slow down” with the speed of her new romance, other cheered her on that she was so happy to have found love again after her 10-year marriage to Tom Vitale ended in 2022.

“So happy that you’ve got that beautiful smile back Valerie!” one person wrote, while another added, “Finally you met your soul mate.”

Valerie Bertinelli Shares Cute Video Cuddling Up With Boyfriend Mike Goodnough
Courtesy of Valerie Bertinelli/Instagram

One woman gushed, “I LOVE THIS SO MUCH FOR YOU! You both look like LOVESTRUCK TEENAGERS and it is giving me life! TY FOR SHARING! You give this single 55 year-old hope!” as another told Valerie, “Y’all have a great, comfortable energy that looks like your souls have known each other forever!”

The One Day at a Time alum first revealed she found romance again in a March 13 interview with USA Today. “I’ve met someone. And I’m incredibly grateful for him. It’s unlike any relationship that I’ve ever experienced with a man. I don’t want to say too much, but I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have met him, because I wasn’t expecting it!” she told the publication.

“He was not on my radar. I was going to die with my six cats and my dog and be incredibly happy doing it. So, this came out of left field, and I’m grateful it did. He’s very special,” Valerie added while not revealing the identity of her mystery man.

“I’m in love,” the Valerie’s Home Cooking star declared to People on April 1. “It’s a seesaw of emotions because I was adamant I was never falling in love again.” She shared that they had a “three-week rule” amid their long-distance romance, saying, “We never go longer than that without seeing each other.”

Mike revealed himself to be Valerie’s boyfriend in an April 17 story on his Substack called Hoarse Whisperings. “The rumor is true,” he confirmed.

“Valerie and I are together and have been for a while now,” the East Coast-based writer added.

“I am Valerie Bertinelli’s boyfriend … and that may well be among the most surreal sentences I’ve ever pecked out,” he shared. “But it’s true … and nothing about our actual relationship seems surreal. It just seems … good … lucky … a gift.”

The Indulge author is even contemplating a move to be closer to Mike.

“She’s not talking marriage, not yet anyway, but she is considering moving closer to him,” an insider told Closer exclusively on April 15. “She loves California, but a home on the East Coast would make life easier.”

“She hates being in a long-distance romance because she says it’s easier to not work so hard at it when you’re separated,” the source added.