The Wheel of Fortune audience was left gasping after one contestant made an unexpected guess during an episode of the show on Thursday, May 23.

A contestant named Tavaris buzzed in to try and solve a puzzle that had six letters missing. Confidently, he answered, “Right in the Butt.” Members of the audience were utterly shocked by the guess, with many laughing and others screeching in horror. The kicker is that the first word of the phrase was only supposed to have four letters.

One of his fellow contestants let out a shocked “What?” as she covered her mouth with her hand. For a few moments, Pat Sajak was stunned into silence before deeming the answer incorrect.

Thankfully, another contestant rang in with the correct answer, “This Is the Best” and laughter filled the room once more. Tavaris clapped his hands, turning to his fellow contestant and saying, “Much better answer.”

As if fans weren’t already saddened to see Pat, 77, hosting his final season of Wheel of Fortune, it’s hilarious moments like these that will make viewers miss him even more. Ryan Seacrest will be assuming hosting duties on the long-running program in season 42 this fall.

The American Idol host has some big shoes to fill amid Pat’s departure from the series. Vanna White will continue her duties as letter-turner next season.

“Ryan is being humble, he’s listening, he’s sucking up to Vanna and the crew, and he’s utterly focused on interacting with the contestants and the regular people from ordinary America who come in and out of that show,” an insider told Closer earlier this week.

Pat Sajak and Wheel of Fortune Audience Left Shocked After Remark
Disney/Christopher Willard

Ryan, 49, is “carefully building a foundation for another 20-year run like he’s had on American Idol.”

“But he has to build it one brick at a time and that means doing everything right as far as being charming and deferential to the many female execs involved in the show and of course, to Vanna,” the source added.

The media mogul is “so excited” to begin this next chapter of his career as a game show host, getting useful advice from both Pat and Vanna, 67, along the way.

“I talked to them both about, what’s the best part of Wheel of Fortune,” he said during an appearance on Good Morning America on February 12. “And [they say] it’s the contestants every night winning cash and prizes. I mean, that’s what it’s all about.”