After Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been seemingly drifting apart, fans have been wondering if the pair are still married. There have been signs that their union is cracking amid stressful times.

Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Still Married?

Yes. Neither has taken any steps to end the marriage or openly spoken out about splitting.

Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Taking Time Apart?

After normally being photographed together on a regular basis, Ben and Jen went at least 30 days without being publicly photographed together after they were spotted in NYC on Easter weekend in March 2024.

When Ben attended Tom Brady‘s Netflix roast on May 5, 2024, the “If You Had My Love” singer didn’t accompany him.

Fans were even more surprised when J. Lo attended the May 6, 2024, Met Gala solo. She posed up a storm on the red carpet while being able to crack a smile and her husband was nowhere to be found.

“Ben not being at the Met Gala with Jen, even though he’s got a great excuse, he’s working, is causing more questions than either of them want,” an insider told In Touch the following day. “Even the red carpet fashion commentators were confused, thinking Ben would be right behind Jen, but nope, she went solo, which shocked a lot of people.”

Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Still Married Clues, Hints
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Have Conflicting Ideas About Fame

In the Hustlers star’s February 2024 Amazon Prime documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, Ben and Jen’s love story was featured prominently.

In it, the Argo star confessed, “Getting back together, I said, ‘One of the things I don’t want is a relationship on social media.’ Then I realized it’s not a fair thing to ask,” but ultimately admitted, “we’re just two people with different approaches trying to learn to compromise.”

Ben Affleck Thinks Separate Interests Are Healthy

“He enjoys doing normal everyday stuff,” the source told In Touch while noting how Ben likes blending in during solo trips to New York rather than being spotted out frequently with J. Lo in Beverly Hills. “Ben thinks having independent lives and separate interests is healthy for the relationship. J. Lo doesn’t totally agree, but she gets it.”

“Jen’s need to make their relationship so public and perfect often leaves Ben feeling overwhelmed and henpecked,” a source told In Touch in May 2024. “He just needs to be by himself sometimes, out of her shadow.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Have Separate Ideas on Spending Money

In June 2023, the couple dropped $60 million on a 12-bedroom, 24-bath home in Beverly Hills. “Ben was thinking more along the lines of $20 million for the house, but Jen overruled him,” a source told In Touch.

That was on top of private jet travel and Jennifer’s high-end designer wardrobe. “Their bills are through the roof,” noted the source. “It’s all eating away at their bank accounts.”

Ben is happy wearing T-shirts and jeans while the Maid in Manhattan star is a fashion icon who is usually seen in expensive outfits.

Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Still Married Clues, Hints
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Why Did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Call Off Their Engagement in 2003?

While the pair reunited in 2021 following their heavily publicized romance in the early aughts, that amount of attention is what caused their relationship to collapse the first time.

In Jen’s Amazon Prime documentary, Ben said their split was due to “the massive amount of scrutiny around our private life.”

The pair finally wed in July 2022, nearly 20 years after calling off their first “I Do’s.”