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Bob Newhart’s Wife Ginnie Was His Soulmate: Get to Know the Actor’s Late Spouse of 60 Years

Comedian Bob Newhart has experienced tons of success throughout his life, but the iconic actor always attributed his fame and fortune to his late wife, Ginnie Newhart. The Bob Newhart Show alum was married to his spouse for 60 years before her death in April 2023.

“Ginnie Newhart, 82, beloved wife of 60 years to comedy legend Bob Newhart, passed away Sunday, April 23, after a long illness,” publicist Jerry Digney confirmed in a statement to People 

Bob and Ginnie first met in 1962 after being set up on a blind date by late comedian Buddy Hackett. At the time, the Big Bang Theory actor was rising in the Hollywood ranks while Ginnie was working as the babysitter of Buddy’s children. Bob recalled the day his pal approached him about going on a date with Ginnie. 

“[Buddy said,] ‘I’ve got a girl for you. She’s going with another guy, but I don’t think he’s right for her, so I’m going to fix you up on a blind date,'” he dished during a 2019 interview with People. “‘You’ll meet her, and you’ll date, and you’ll get married. Then you’ll have kids, and you’ll call one of the kids, Buddy.'” 

The Newhart actor wasn’t the only one who Buddy approached as Ginnie once revealed he also talked her into going out with Bob. 

“Buddy came back one day and said in his own inimitable way, ‘I met this young guy, and his name is Bobby Newhart, and he’s a comic and he’s Catholic and you’re Catholic,'” she told City & Shore Magazine in 2013. “‘I think maybe you should marry each other.'”

It seems the Music Man actor wasn’t far off as Bob and Ginnie had an instant connection from the very first moment. The couple dated for a year before tying the knot in 1963. They later became the proud parents of their four kids, Robert Newhart, Jennifer Newhart, Courtney Newhart and Timothy Newhart.

True love is hard to come by in Hollywood, but the Emmy Award winner and his spouse had no issues maintaining their solid bond over the six decades of their marriage. While chatting with CBS Sunday Morning in October 2020, Bob revealed the secret to their enviable relationship.

“Laughter,” the comedian shared. “There’s something about laughter, and the longevity of a marriage.”

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