Mark Consuelos confessed that he recently locked lips with someone other than his wife, Kelly Ripa. He revealed the story behind the kiss on Live With Kelly and Mark on Tuesday, April 30.

The crazy incident went down while Mark, 53, was celebrating Campobasso 1919’s championship win in Italy this past weekend.

“In the adulation, in the celebration, on the field, when we found out that the other team tied and we are champions … we ran over to our fans,” the Riverdale actor, who co-owns the team, said during an episode of Live.

“I’m running … and I see this lady, let’s call her my aunt — maybe someone else’s aunt — and we look at each other and we’re so excited and there’s this glass and we come to the glass, and you know what? I kissed her,” he added.

Kelly, 53, asked Mark if their was “footage” of the kiss. Unfortunately, it was not caught on video.

In true Mark fashion, he playfully tried to recreate the moment he locked eyes with the lady and kissed her. “I laid one on her. It was a smooch, but it was passionate,” he said with a huge grin.

Despite the smooch with another woman, Kelly and Mark’s marriage is rock solid. The couple celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary together on Wednesday, May 1.

Mark Consuelos tells Kelly Ripa he kissed someone another woman

“Forever thankful you decided to go on this crazy, beautiful ride with me,” he wrote on Instagram along with a series of photos with Kelly. “Happy 28th anniversary. Love you @kellyripa.”

Kelly also shared a cute tribute to her hubby on her Instagram account.

“Squeezing 28 years into 10 pics is not possible, but you get the idea. Happy anniversary to the love of my life @instasuelos ♥️ So grateful to you for all the dreams come true,” she wrote.

The All My Children stars also recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of Mark becoming an official cohost on Live. He replaced Ryan Seacrest in April 2023 and has been impressing viewers in the role ever since.

“Together Kelly and Mark deliver that rare authenticity that viewers crave,” Live producer Michael Gelman told Deadline of Kelly and Mark’s success. “This past year has been so much fun for the entire Live family – with a lot of laughs both on and off camera. It’s been fantastic watching their real-life dynamic thrive on the show.”