Sara Haines and her husband, Max Shifrin, are so confident in their marriage. The View cohost revealed that her spouse “does not mind” if she talks about her exes and past relationships on the show.

The confession came during a Q&A session on Sara’s Instagram Stories on Thursday, May 2.

“Does your husband mind that you speak of your past relationships so freely on TV?” one person asked.

“No, Max does not mind or I would definitely not do it,” Sara, 46, replied. “But when it comes to Max and I’s exes, we’re not really wrapped up in that stuff.”

“I don’t know if it’s just a comfort in our own skin, or our own relationship, or what it is, but I often tell stories because some of my exes were big chapters of my life,” she added. “I’m where I’m supposed to be with the person I’m supposed to be with, and I love him dearly, but he knows that many of those experiences have shaped who I am today.”

Sara went on to say that Max “doesn’t even blink an eye” when she mentions some of her past relationships on the show.

“He’s never said anything,” the game show host continued. “You know in the beginning, I thought maybe he doesn’t care and then I just realized he’s so confident in this is where we ended up. That’s the history in the past, and this is the present and the future, and that’s what matters, so no he doesn’t mind.”

Sara Haines' Husband 'Doesn't Mind' If She Talks About Her Exes
ABC/Lou Rocco

In fact, Sara and Max just went on a romantic vacation together to Turks and Caicos. They had a blast while spending time on the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying each other’s company while The View was on its annual spring hiatus. She spoke about going on a trip without their three kids, Alec, Caleb and Sandra.

“Just Max and I because none of our spring breaks line up,” she said during an appearance on The View’s “Behind the Table” podcast on Monday, April 29. “The two youngest kids have one, Alec has another, we have a different one. And so last year was the first year Max and I got away for a few days on our own once we figured out how to do that. I always wish there was a way to do it more often.”