If you’re hoping to have a great relationship with your sibling, then perhaps you should just look at the incredible bond that Marie Osmond has with brother Donny Osmond — in fact, there’s a reason why the duo is so close.

“There’s this thing called DNA that kind of like makes you close,” Marie, 59, exclusively told Closer Weekly with a laugh. “Donny and I, we have so much history together. Even though we had our own careers and I did my thing for years and he did his, I mean, we’re family.”

Marie Osmond Donny Osmond
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“It’s interesting because I was talking to a friend of mine, I said, ‘I don’t really see any other brother-sister [duo] out there who have done the things we’ve done together.’ I mean, even Michael [Jackson] and Janet [Jackson], they didn’t do a show together or record together. So really the only other people were The Carpenters,” the entertainer continued, of course referencing the sibling act that featured the late star Karen Carpenter. “We joke around and I’ve said the joke before, but I told Donny, ‘You could learn a lot from Richard [Carpenter], because he never speaks.'”

The famous duo even had a longterm residency in Las Vegas, which will be wrapping up this November after more than a decade. “I think people come [and] have enjoyed the last 11 years at Flamingo, because everybody has a sibling. Would you want to work with your sibling for 11 years?” Marie joked.

The “Paper Roses” singer recently joined the ladies on the The Talk to become the newest member of the panel on the popular CBS talk program. However, perhaps Donny may follow suit and join her on TV now that their show in Vegas is coming to a close. “I don’t think he has the vocabulary for it,” Marie said, laughing.

Marie Osmond Donny Osmond
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“We did a talk show back for Sony, I believe it was, and we loved it. It was fun,” the Might As Well Laugh About It Now author recalled. “I have to tell you, though, the kinds of things that you can talk at the table of The Talk, it’s just different — and I’m in a different place in my life. You know, I’ve just been through so many things and it’s nice to sit with other ladies who have been through things and, even though we may have different takes on things, we have a respect for each other’s opinion, which I think is a nice thing to see on television.”

Also in our exclusive interview, Marie reveals that she’s all about reading her Instagram comments, explains why she finds it important to be open and honest with her fans, gives her thoughts on cohost Sharon Osbourne‘s new look and even talks about a group chat her new work pals have included her in.

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