With an Emmy win for his work on The Big Bang Theory, among countless other nominations, Bob Newhart has accomplished more than most actors can say. The beloved comedian is just as successful when it comes to his family, having raised four wonderful kids — Robert, Timothy, Jennifer and Courtney — alongside his wife, Ginny Newhart.

Bob and Ginny’s decades-long romance dates back to 1962 when they were set up on a blind date by Buddy Hackett. “[Buddy said], ‘I’ve got a girl for you. She’s going with another guy, but I don’t think he’s right for her, so I’m going to fix you up on a blind date,'” the former Bob Newhart Show star told People in 2019. “‘You’ll meet her, and you’ll date and you’ll get married. Then you’ll have kids, and you’ll call one of the kids, Buddy.'”

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It seems the late comedian was really trying to make something happen between the two considering Ginny revealed Buddy also approached her about going out with Bob. “Buddy came back one day and said in his own inimitable way, ‘I met this young guy and his name is Bobby Newhart, and he’s a comic and he’s Catholic and you’re Catholic,’” she told City & Shore Magazine in 2013. “‘I think maybe you should marry each other.’”

It’s almost as if Buddy was spot on, as the lovebirds tied the knot not long after they started dating in 1963. Later that year in November, Bob and Ginny welcomed their first child, son Robert. The couple’s second child, Timothy, arrived in 1996, followed by daughter Jennifer in 1970. The duo completed their family when their youngest, Courtney, was born in December 1977.

Throughout the years he was raising his kids, Bob juggled his work on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, The Bob Newhart Show, Newhart and more. While his children stayed out of the spotlight for the most part, they’ve joined their dad at a few red carpet events over the years, including the Mark Twain Prize for Humor Award ceremony in 2002. Bob and his kids also stepped out at the 3rd Annual TV Land Awards in 2005.

Though they didn’t pave careers like their dad, Bob’s older sons and younger daughter, Courtney, tried their hand at Hollywood at one point. As IMDb states, Robert has one acting credit for Heart and Souls in 1993, while Timothy worked throughout the early ’90s on Get a Life, Ferris Bueller and Newhart. Courtney, on the other hand, once appeared as an actress in Newhart in 1986, and she also earned credit as a production assistant on George & Leo in 1997.


These days, Bob is relishing his role as a grandpa to his number of grandchildren. According to reports, the Golden Globe winner has at least 10 grandkids through his wonderful children. Speaking with Closer in August 2019, Bob gave a glimpse inside his life as a grandparent and revealed some advice he gave his grandson about following in his footsteps.

“My grandson did stand-up the other day. I asked him what it was like. He said he told one joke and it worked, then he told another that didn’t work, but he went right ahead,” Bob shared. “I said, ‘That’s the secret. You’ve got to keep going and put one foot in front of the other.'”

It sounds like Bob is quite the family patriarch!