A trip down memory lane. Marie Osmond may have found her happily ever after with husband Steve Craig, but she had dated others along the way — guys who shaped the person we know and love today. One of those guys was Bee Gees singer Andy Gibb and, as it turns out, it was her who had a huge impact on his life with the way she ended things.

“One night he just kept calling me and calling me, and he was obviously [not well],” Marie, 60, began on the October 24 episode of The Talk. “You know, I probably could have done it better, but I just said, ‘We’re done, we’re done.’ And we hung up. And I felt really bad, because it was something that I probably would have wanted to do in person, but it was just enough. It was breaking my heart to see what he was doing to himself.”

Andy — the youngest brother of Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, and Maurice Gibb — notably battled drug addiction throughout his life. It was after years of cocaine abuse that he suffered myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, which resulted in his death on March 10, 1988. This was just five days after he turned 30.

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“Years later though, it was interesting, because he said that that call kind of was a wake-up call, and he cleaned himself up,” Marie added about how he changed his ways, albeit too late. “And he said it was a really good thing because, ‘I saw where my life was heading and I changed it.’ But unfortunately his heart gave out on him and it was really sad. He was so talented. Boy, the camera loved him. He was beautiful.”

Not only did Marie and Andy both likely run in the same show business circles thanks to their incredible voices, he actually appeared on the Donny & Marie variety show too. He appeared on season 4, episode 4 — which aired on October 20, 1978. While their romance didn’t go very far, it’s clear they shared a connection.

Aside from briefly dating Marie, Andy actually married Kim Reeder in 1976. The two — who became parents to a daughter they named Peta — divorced in 1978. He also dated Kari Michaelsen and Victoria Principal.

Marie, as we know, ultimately found a life partner in her husband Steve. In fact, the “Paper Roses” singer exclusively told Closer Weekly this relationship is the first time she has actually been “truly in love.”

“I’m in love for the first time in my life — like really in love — and it’s probably the most wonderful experience I’ve had,” Marie gushed. “Truly in love.”

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