Simon Cowell’s Longtime Girlfriend Lauren Silverman Is the Reason Behind His Beaming Smile! Meet Her

Ever since they began dating in 2013, socialite Lauren Silverman has made her boyfriend, Simon Cowell, feel like one lucky guy! Although fans never imagined it would happen, the beloved TV star found his one true love and has been living a life of bliss ever since.

Lauren and the former American Idol judge were actually close friends before they took their romantic relationship to the next level years back. Although they are not married or engaged, Simon and Lauren have proven they are one of Hollywood’s strongest couples. Occasionally, they would enjoy fun activities like riding their bikes together and going out for date night. In fact, Simon gave his fans a sweet surprise when he kissed Lauren while they were out and about in London.

It’s true that the dark-haired beauty turned her boyfriend from an extremely intimidating and tough reality TV judge into a lovable and dedicated partner. During a previous interview with Hello! magazine, Lauren opened up about her incredible relationship with the famous producer.

“I think Simon has changed me. He makes me laugh all the time. I can’t get angry with him because when I’m trying to be cross he just makes me laugh,” she gushed. “I feel I learn so much from him, which is incredibly inspiring. He’s very talented.”

In February 2014, Simon and Lauren solidified their love when they welcomed their son, Eric Cowell, together. Since his birth, his father has been teaching him how to take over his empire. “He has to take over for me,” the dad of one said to The Sun. “I’ve put him in training. He’s down at the shows, he has the earplugs in. I would absolutely love it if  he could do what I do.”

“If he gravitates towards academics, then fine — I would encourage him but I have a feeling he’s gonna be more like me,” Simon continued. If Eric turns out to be more like his dad, then we’re sure Lauren will be pleased. She’s dating a really great guy who makes her feel like a queen.

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