Protective papa. Simon Cowell revealed he hasn’t talked to his 6-year-old son, Eric, about the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The former American Idol judge said he and girlfriend Lauren Silverman aren’t sharing details of the COVID-19 outbreak in order to “protect [Eric] through this process.”

“We never have the news playing in the house, No. 1,” the 60-year-old told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, May 26. “So whatever we need to talk about, you know, we shield it. We keep him away from this because at 6 years old, you know … it’s hard for all of us. But for someone that age, for any parent, I think we’d all feel the same way.”

Simon Cowell family

Simon said because he’s in quarantine with his beloved child and longtime lover, 42, he feels extremely grateful to have “this time with [Eric] and seeing that he’s still getting schooled.”

The America’s Got Talent judge — who began dating Lauren in 2013 — is also thankful for those fighting against the unprecedented pandemic.

“I said this many times, we’re all in this together,” he gushed. “And you know, the appreciation for the people out there who are risking their lives on the front line. That’s where your thoughts go. It is quite remarkable.”

Although Simon is staying tight-lipped when it comes to talking about coronavirus with Eric, he’s certainly kept his little man protected from the deadly disease. While out and about in early April, the doting dad and his family sported face masks during a bike ride.

Simon, Lauren, Eric and the stunning socialite’s 14-year-old son, Adam — whom she shares with ex-husband Andrew Silverman — made sure to follow social distancing measures as they biked around Los Angeles at the time. Little Eric was also wearing a helmet during their trip.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman sport masks during bike ride

Since he became a father to Eric in 2014, the TV star known for his harsh critiques on American Idol has become a much kinder and gentler person. In fact, a source close to Simon insisted fatherhood completely changed him.

“He’s madly in love with his son,” the insider previously told Closer Weekly. “He’ll openly tell his friends [about the] intense feeling he has for Eric. He’s turned into a big softie with him.”

“And when Eric leaps into his arms in the morning or when he gets home, that makes Simon beam,” the source added.

We hope Simon and his family are staying safe!

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