We were first introduced to Simon Cowell as the snarky, brutally honest judge on American Idol, but he has done a lot more than just that — and all of his successes have reeled him in quite a huge fortune.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 59-year-old has a cool $600 million in his back account — but he didn’t start off rich, as he saw his career first kick off in a modest fashion. Simon found himself working in the mail room at EMI Music Publishing, where his father, Eric, worked as an executive. However, perseverance and hard work led Simon to work his way up, eventually forming his own label, E&S Music. Years later he would sell his company, only to start another called S-Records.

The music manager’s entire career would launch into superstardom in 2001 when he because a judge on the British television reality show Pop Idol — he would switch on over to American Idol, where at his peak he would earn $33 million a season. Wow!

Simon Cowell
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The TV personality has of course resided on the judges panel in numerous reality shows including The X FactorBritain’s Got Talent and currently, on America’s Got Talent. He has also produced various programs including American Inventor and Celebrity Duets. Aside from having huge success in the TV world, Simon of course was first and foremost all about music.

Simon has signed notable bands over the years — which has just added to his fortune. Music acts like Five, Westlife, One Direction and Fifth Harmony have all reached great heights under his watchful eye.

Simon Cowell

While the famous TV star has hundreds of millions of dollars to his name, he is said to bring in about $95 million a year, so it’s clear his fortune won’t be winding down anytime soon. In fact, Simon already has someone in mind who will be the perfect person to take over his incredible empire: his son, Eric.

“He’s in training … I’m getting him ready to do my job,” Simon told Lizzie Cundy on the UK morning show This Morning. Well, little Eric sure is going to see a lot of green in his life!