While you caught yourself this morning muttering under your breath about how much you wish you didn’t have to work, you should know that little Eric Cowell, the four-year-old son of music mogul Simon Cowell is already being trained to take over his dad’s massive music empire.

That’s right, folks, little Eric is preparing to one day sleep on a comfortable stack of money thanks to dad. The 59-year-old recently spoke to Lizzie Cundy on the UK morning show This Morning and revealed what his plans are for his music empire and his son. “He’s in training as you will see over the weekend,” the X-Factor judge explains. “I’m getting him ready to do my job.” And as much as we all believe that Simon’s job is to ignore buttons and give harsh feedback, we know that there is a lot more that Simon does. And how much training has gone into making Eric just like his dad? Well just take a look at this photo below:

The uncanniness is incredible. Lizzie also asked Simon if he “left it too late” to become a first time father as Simon became a father at the age of 56. “If you have asked me earlier Lizzie I would have said I might have left it a little too late,” Simon said. “Whatever happens happens.”

It’s pretty clear that Simon is all about his son Eric as an insider once revealed to Closer Weekly just how much Eric has changed Simon for the better. “He’s madly in love with his son,” the insider said. “And he’ll openly tell his friends his intense feeling he has for Eric. He’s turned into a big softie with him.”

Well that is great to hear. I’m sure Eric is all about his father too and will be even more when he sees that nice little fortune Simon will leave behind for him. #FatherSonBonding.