Katherine Heigl And Josh Kelly’s Family Photos Will Bring Some Joy Into Your Day

The casual fan probably only knows Katherine Heigl from her days on Grey’s Anatomy, a part of her career that didn’t exactly end the way she was perhaps envisioning. Since then the 40-year-old actress as appeared in numerous films and TV shows, most recently being on the television show Suits. And that of course is Meghan Markle‘s old stomping grounds. But while many people only know Katherine from her shows or the negative stories that have been released about her attitude on set, what many folks don’t know about is the other side of Katherine — the family side.

Katherine has been married to singer-songwriter, Josh Kelly, 38, since 2007. Together the pair have had three children, with two of them being adopted. Katherine and Josh adopted Nancy Leigh from South Korea in 2009, and three years later the pair adopted Adalaide from America. In 2016, a few days before Christmas, the couple had a baby boy they named Joshua Bishop Kelley, Jr.

If you caught yourself smiling just now that means you’re thinking what we’re thinking as well: this sure seems like quite the perfect family. And believe it or not, Katherine has no problem at all sharing photos of her family life on her Instagram. So we of course have gone ahead and reeled in some of the best ones to show you all.

So start your scroll down to check out photos of Katherine and Josh’s cute family, and don’t blame us if you get a sudden boatload of baby fever.

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