Marie Osmond is used to being away from her family and on the road for her Hollywood career, so she’s taking advantage of being home with her husband, Steve Craig. The singer and actress says the two are “loving” being together amid the coronavirus pandemic in an exclusive new interview with Closer Weekly.

“We have spent so much time together … it’s almost like we feel like we’re making up for the 25 years we were apart,” the 61-year-old songstress gushes. “For example, we went to L.A. and we sold my house there and it was just the two of us packing it up. We loved it.”

Courtesy of Marie Osmond/Instagram

Marie reveals she and Steve, 69, are also planning a bunch of future trips. “He’s at an age now where he can buy a lifetime membership to the National Parks,” the Talk alum dishes, noting they purchased an annual pass for themselves for Christmas. “So that’s what we’re doing.”

Aside from all the new memories she’s made with Steve, Marie says she’s learned a lot about the importance of love and family since the COVID-19 outbreak began in early 2020. As she was packing up her house, she had a sense of realization that there were things she needed to “let go of.”

“2020 was such a great year to really look at things that you needed to disconnect from and let it go,” she explains. “The distractions that really aren’t necessary in life and you recognize the things that matter most.”

Marie and Steve’s romance goes all the back to the early 1980s. The lovebirds married in 1982, but they divorced three years later in 1985. The “Meet Me in Montana” singer moved on with her second spouse, Brian Blosil, but they also split after 21 years of marriage in 2007. By the late 2000s, she reunited with her first love, Steve, and the two remarried in 2011.

Courtesy of MarieOsmond/Instagram

After being apart for more than 25 years, the Key is Love author is embracing every moment with her handsome hubby. “Just spending that time together is so much fun,” she gushes.

Marie and Steve are catching up on lost time in quarantine, but they’ve also been adjusting to their new lives as empty nesters. Considering their children —  Stephen, 37, Jessica, 33, Rachael, 31, Brandon, 24, Brianna, 23, Matthew, 21, Abigail, 18 — have since grown up, this is the first time the Goin’ Coconuts actress and her beau are all alone.

Fortunately, Marie is able to set aside more time than ever for her hubby and kids because she has fewer responsibilities in terms of her career. “What’s fun is that I can focus in and then I can go play, and that’s never been my life,” she tells Closer. “My life has always been [go, go, go]. So that’s what I’m doing with my husband, and we’re loving it.”