Marie Osmond got her big break in Hollywood at a very young age, but that doesn’t mean the Donny and Marie alum wants her family to follow in her footsteps. In fact, Marie says she hopes her grandkids do “not” get bit by the acting bug in an exclusive new interview with Closer Weekly.

“I hope not,” the “Paper Roses” songstress, 61, explains while chatting about the possibility of her grandkids becoming child stars. “Only because if they do it, I hope it’s later … once they’ve established [themselves].”

Courtesy of MarieOsmond/Instagram

Looking back on her decades-long run in showbiz, Marie says she wouldn’t want her grandchildren — Stephen, 7, Rocket Jade, 5, Christian, 5, Maxwell, 2, Maude, 20 months, Wolf, 18 months, and Mabel, 5 months — to endure the stress she had as a young actor. “I think it’s really hard to make the transition from child to adult,” she adds.

The former Talk host is “very grateful” for her iconic run and the “good parents” that supported her, but she believes her grandchildren would be better off by receiving their college degrees. “I think the world is a tough world right now unless you really know who you are,” she notes. “So I told my kids, the most important thing they can do is get an education. Be a finisher that way.”

Despite her feelings toward her grandkiddos’ future careers, Marie notes her eldest granddaughter, Rocket Jade, is already showing signs of being a star. The Key Is Love author dishes Rocket Jade was instrumental in creating a homemade video for their grandpa and her husband, Steve Craig, while quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Courtesy of Marie Osmond/Instagram

“It’s like a movie and you have my little Maude on the phone calling [Rocket Jade], and she’s like, ‘Oh yeah, we’ll create this video.’ And my little Rocket, she’s an actress. She just created her own dialogue, but it’s so funny,” Marie gushes. “It’s all really sweet and they talk about how much they love him.”

Considering Marie has experienced tons of ups and downs throughout her life and career, the legendary singer has a lot of knowledge to share with not only her grandkids, but her children as well. Marie says the best “advice” she gave her kids — Stephen, 37, Jessica, 33, Rachael, 31, Brandon, 24, Brianna, 23, Matthew, 21, Abigail, 18 — is to not “date until you’re in your 20s.”

“My daughter, she was like 15, she goes, ‘Everybody is like seriously dating and they have their guy and I look stupid if I don’t,'” recalls Marie, who is also the mom of late son Michael. “And I’m like, ‘No, honey … because you’re gonna grow up trying to be what he wants instead of what you need to be for you. The [world] can do that to you where you become all these other things and you’re trying to become you.'”