For Marie Osmond, staying healthy in her 60s is her No. 1 priority. However, the former Donny and Marie star doesn’t “stress” over her fitness and diet regimen because remaining “positive” is a lifestyle choice, she exclusively reveals in a new interview with Closer Weekly.

“I don’t stress. My favorite thing to do right now is get a podcast and walk,” Marie, 61, shares with Closer. “To me, moving is just more important than anything. While you’re out there, you can stretch, get fresh air and you’re keeping your mind alive with topics and things that are positive and interesting.”


In order to maintain her health and confidence, the “Paper Roses” songstress enjoys activities that help keep her “mind [and] body alive,” she tells Closer. Aside from staying active, Marie reveals she swears by Nutrisystem when it comes to her diet. Unlike other programs, Nutrisystem has not only helped Marie lose weight, but it’s allowed her to maintain her weight loss over the last 14 years.

“I’ve tried it all … you name a diet and I did it. They don’t work because you’re too food-obsessed,” she explains, noting Nutrisystem allows her to eat a healthier version of whatever she wants. “I didn’t feel like I was on a diet [because] I can have pizza and I can have pasta. If I had to do grilled chicken and vegetables for four months, I would never succeed.”

Because health and wellness are a huge part of Marie’s life, the Talk alum doesn’t want to spend extra time worrying about her diet and meal plans. “I think as life goes by, you realize, ‘I don’t want to stress,'” she dishes. “If you’re gonna have to stress over it, you’re not gonna do it long term.”

Now that she’s going into 2021 with a confident mindset, Marie is focusing on staying as “healthy” as possible. The former Dancing With the Stars contestant says she started “talking” to her body to remind herself how much she has to be thankful for.

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“We have one body, and I literally — the last five years of my life — I’ve been talking to my body going, ‘Man, you’re awesome. You’ve been so good to me, and I haven’t been good to you,'” she shares. “So I’ve been trying to be better to my body and stay positive.”

The legendary singer notes, overall, she’s just trying to be a “functioning, nice, healthy human.” Marie says, “I think if we focus on this year, instead of pointing at other people’s problems, [we should look] at where we can be a better person, because we can always be a better person.”