Reba wants a ring! A source says country star Reba McEntire is antsy to marry longtime love Rex Linn — not least because her ex-hubby, Narvel Blackstock, has married her old friend Laura Stroud.

“That’s what’s really egging her on,” says the source. “Reba’s tried to put a brave face on, but it’s got to hurt.”

The twice-married 69-year-old has her doubts about the institution of marriage, recently revealing that she doesn’t “have much faith in being bound by a piece of paper or a ring.” Nonetheless, the source says Reba would make an exception for the CSI: Miami star, 67, from whom she’s been inseparable for the last four years.

“Reba never wanted to get divorced from Narvel, but she believes in second chances and feels she’s met her true soulmate in Rex,” says the source. “She says getting married is ‘up to him’ but that’s code for ‘put a ring on it!’ She wants the fairy tale.”