Hilaria Baldwin is a busy mom of five, but every now and then, she gets some help around the house. The Living Clearly Method author shared the cutest video as her eldest daughter, Carmen, lent a hand at changing baby brother Edu‘s diaper.

“Presenting: Carmen attempts to change a diaper,” Hilaria, 36, captioned a series of videos via her Instagram Stories on Sunday, November 15. “Attempt No. 1.”


In the first clip, 7-year-old Carmen proved she was the best big sister as she cleaned up her 2-month-old sibling and dressed him in a brand-new diaper. “Say, ‘I have the cutest smile,'” the blonde-haired cutie echoed to little Edu more than once.

The Spanish actress then uploaded a second video of Carmen’s “attempt No. 2.” As the little bundle of joy laid on the ground under his mobile, the talented youngster took another stab at perfecting the process. “Ready for your nice changing?” she said before gushing over Edu, who made his arrival in September 2020. “Your back is cute, your legs are cute … your face, the cutest!”

The proud mama showed off Carmen’s impressive skills as she finished up Edu’s diaper change. “There you have it!” Carmen excitedly shouted as she held Edu up. “And now, you’re all cute!”

Considering Hilaria also shares sons Rafael, 5, Leonardo, 4, and Romeo, 2, with longtime husband, Alec Baldwin, saying she always has her hands full is quite the understatement. Fortunately, all of her babies have stepped up to the plate to help around the house from the very moment they expanded their family.


Weeks after Edu’s arrival, Hilaria uploaded the cutest pic of her son feeding his baby sibling. “Romeo is a good big brother,” the “Mom Brain” podcast host adorably wrote in the caption. “Edu Pau is a good sport.”

Days later in early October, she shared a similar snap as Leonardo held Edu in his lap and fed him a bottle of milk. “Leo is telling me that unicorns have rainbow, sparkly blood and that when he feeds ‘the baby that is called Baby Edu,’ he turns into a big boy,” Hilaria penned.

Even though her role as a mom can get a little overwhelming at times, the Spain native — who married Alec, 62, in 2012 — couldn’t imagine a life without her big family. “I’m so tired, but also so in love,” she captioned a snap with her kids in late October. “Wouldn’t change it for the world …. or even for a bit more sleep.”