Hilaria Baldwin Is a Doting Mom of 5! See Her Best Parenting Tips and Tricks

You can imagine how easy it’d be to get overwhelmed as the mom of five little youngsters, but Hilaria Baldwin makes parenting look like a piece of cake. In fact, the yoga guru — who shares Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo and newborn baby No. 5 with husband Alec Baldwinnever imagined being a parent to so many cute kids.

“When I was growing up, I didn’t think I wasn’t going to become a mom, but having a big family wasn’t necessarily something that I was so focused on,” she told Parents in February 2019. “But I met [Alec] when I had just turned 27, and then, I was pregnant by the time I was 28.”

The Spanish actress — who suffered two miscarriages throughout 2019 — even dished that before having kids, she imagined herself taking a lot of time between her pregnancies. Considering she had her babies back-to-back from 2013 to now, that certainly wasn’t the case for Hilaria.

“I was like, ‘Oh, I’m going to just start with one,’ and I was worried. I didn’t know if I was going to like it,” she explained to the outlet. “But that changed as soon as I gave birth the first time. I had just delivered Carmen and my feet were in the stirrups … I had her on my chest and I said to Alec, ‘Oh, my God. I want to do it again.'”

While life as a busy mama can be quite amazing, it also gets hectic really quickly. The Living Clearly Method author — who gave birth to their fifth child in early September — revealed the time will come when they will be done having kids.

“Eventually we will stop,” the fitness guru told Peoplewhile noting she couldn’t be more grateful for her children. “The best thing about having a big family is there’s just so much love.”

But in order to keep her big brood under control, Hilaria has had to find a few tips and tricks that work for her family, which is why we’re sure raising baby No. 5 will be a breeze.

Scroll down below to check out five of Hilaria’s best parenting tricks!