Fit for a Family of 7! Inside Hilaria and Alec Baldwin’s Historic East Hampton House

Hilaria Baldwin's family

What a way to live! Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin call East Hampton their home. The couple resides in an 18th-century farmhouse in Long Island that Alec purchased in 1995.

Hilaria later moved in once they started dating in 2011. The shingle-style house, which was built in 1753, has a lot of space for their five kids to play in, especially since Hilaria just welcomed their fifth child in September.

“Before [we renovated the house there] was a lot of tiny little rooms, there wasn’t a lot of flow to it,” the yoga instructor told Elle Decor in 2016 about her humble abode before she moved in. Since the house wasn’t exactly the way she wanted it, Hilaria hired architect Fred Throo and interior designer Daniel Romanoff to create “this really open space that I definitely wanted.”

Now, her kitchen leads into both the living room and the dining room, which is perfect for family dinners. But even though the couple did a few renovations, they still kept some traditional pieces of the home intact. In the hallway outside of Hilaria and Alec’s master bedroom, there’s a reclaimed barn door that stands opposite of a beautiful chandelier by Ron Dier.

Their children’s bedrooms, however, have a different sense of style. Carmen, whom they welcomed in August 2013, has a gorgeous lavender carpet that matches both the walls and the furniture in her bedroom. Son Rafael, who arrived in June 2015, also has a stunning bedroom decorated with cream chairs and a bunch of stuffed animals.

By the time Hilaria gave birth to Leonardo in September 2016, she planned to make his room a little bit bigger so he didn’t feel left out from the rest of his older siblings. “We want all of our kids to feel like they’re equal, so we’re going to make his room exactly the same square footage as theirs, so that he can’t say ‘I’m third, I’m last, you guys don’t care,'” the fitness guru explained.

Since then, Hilaria and Alec welcomed son Romeo in May 2018, followed by the birth of baby No. 5 on September 8. With the newest addition of their family, she’ll have to make the baby’s room as big as the rest. But lucky for her, their house doesn’t need a lot of adjusting because it’s already huge!

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