So in Love! See 5 Fun Facts About Donny and Debbie Osmond’s Decades-Long Hollywood Marriage

Power couple Donny Osmond and Debbie Osmond have lived in marital bliss ever since they got married more than four decades ago in May 1978. The pair have quite the unique relationship and it all started on the day Donny gave his beloved a kiss in 1976.

“Debbie was playing hard to get, and I wanted to plan something really, really special for our first kiss,” the Masked Singer alum previously recalled to Utah Valley Magazine. “I told her a limo would show up at her house at a certain time, and then we were headed to Sundance for dinner.”

The duo dined at the Sundance Mountain Resort and had a great time together. After they finished their meal, Debbie went on a scavenger hunt to find presents that Donny hid for her. Once she neared the end, her then-boyfriend asked her for a kiss and Debbie didn’t say no.

“It was fireworks, let me tell you!” the “Go Away Little Girl” singer said, and from that moment on, Donny and Debbie have been inseparable. Though the former teen idol spent a lot of time traveling around the world on tour, he’s always made time for his spouse and his five kids. For Debbie’s milestone 60th birthday in February 2019, the “Soldier of Love” singer took to Instagram to give his lover a sweet shout-out.

“I’ve never met someone who personifies beauty like Debbie does,” Donny wrote alongside a stunning photo of the two at the 2008 Oscars. “Anyone who knows her would agree that she glows wherever she goes. And perhaps the best part of all — her mind and heart are just as radiantly beautiful as she is on the outside. #HappyBirthday to my eternal sweetheart and the love of my life.”

Since the two lovebirds seem to have all the secrets to maintaining a loving and long-lasting relationship in Hollywood, we’re bringing you five fascinating (and fun!) facts about Mr. and Mrs. Osmond’s marriage — scroll down learn more about Donny and Debbie!