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Donny Osmond Calls Provo, Utah, His Home! Tour the Singer’s Gorgeous Estate With Wife Debbie

Donny Osmond loves to spend time at his Provo, Utah, home with his beautiful wife, Debbie Osmond. Around the neighborhood, people don’t know him as the international superstar that he is. They just like to call him “Uncle Donny.”

“In the crazy world of entertainment, it is so comforting to live with my family in an area where we can just be a family,” the musician told Utah Valley 360 in March 2001, around five years after he moved from California to Provo to raise his five boys, Don Jr., Jeremy, Brandon, Christopher and Joshua. “I know some people recognize me, but they are extremely polite.”

The former teen heartthrob says hello to his neighbors on a daily basis, especially when he’s outside mowing the lawn or doing some yard work for Debbie. “I’m just a neighbor to these people,” he gushed, and that’s something that Donny loves about the area. The neighborhood children barely know who he is. In fact, the “Soldier of Love” singer recalled a hilarious story one of the kids told him.

“I saw Mulan last night, and I really liked your song in it,” he remembered one of them saying. “You should do more stuff like that and you might be a star someday!” If only the neighborhood kids knew how successful Donny really was.

Donny’s longtime residence comes fitted with several bedrooms and bathrooms, a gorgeous kitchen, cozy living areas and a formal dining room. In addition to having his very own man cave and pool outback, one of the favorite parts of his property is the backyard because of his garden.

I have fruit trees that I planted in my orchard — one for each of my grandchildren. We have [an] apple, peach, nectarine, pear and cherry,” the former Dancing With the Stars contestant exclusively shared with Closer in July. “When they come over, they like to go check their tree out.”

Donny’s man cave is a shed-like structure around the corner from his garden. As a legendary singer, it’s no surprise he also has a home studio, where he spent much of his time producing his upcoming 65th album, Start Again. The Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat alum said whenever he feels he’s “working really, really hard in the studio” and “getting a little frustrated,” he likes to “walk out [and] go in the garden.”

“[I] spend an hour and get back to nature. I built these massive waterfalls in my backyard, so I turn them on and I go to paradise,” he shared, adding some of the best memories he’s made with Debbie were at home. “[One] night, we were out in the garden talking as we were pulling weeds and watering plants. In its own little way, it was a very romantic evening.”

To see photos of Donny’s stunning Utah estate, scroll through the gallery below!