Cooking star Rachael Ray didn’t become a success overnight — she worked hard for it! In a candid new interview, the celebrity chef opened up about how anyone can reach their goals and find happiness by just changing their attitude. Scroll down to read Rachael’s recipe for success!

Trust your gut

“I am not going to change what I do or make my decisions any differently,” TV host and food expert Rachael, who turns 50 in August, told The New York Times. “My gut is what got us here. Money never motivated me and it never will.” For instance, when she launched her pet food line Nutrish, “people were like, you can’t put your head on dog food, that’s insane!” In 2017, the brand earned $650 million.

Don’t be negative

“I don’t take in negative information online,” Rachael said. “I just don’t feel it’s a constructive use of my time.” While she admitted she “cried my eyes out plenty” when people joked about her as she was starting out, now she says, “I’m good.”

rachel ray and her husband john getty images

Rachel and her husband, John M. Cusimano.

Keep moving forward

The Rachael Ray Show was just renewed for a 13th season, and Rachael’s busy writing a new book. She’s also launched a furniture line and is branching out into a gardening line and even designing handbags. But her biggest new project is producing digitally streamed shows about food, travel, and music. “Music is scarier than furniture because I love it so much!” she said.

Find your happy place

Rachael and her husband, John M. Cusimano, 50, live in the woods in upstate New York. “This is my happy place,” she raved, adding that she relaxes by watching Columbo reruns and hanging out with their pit bull, Isaboo.

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