Staying alert! For the past few weeks, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been taking extra precautions against coronavirus, and they still aren’t letting their guard down. After moving to L.A., they’ve been “self-isolating in their new pad with Archie and the dogs,” a source exclusively tells Closer Weekly. “They refuse to take any risks and haven’t ventured out yet, but Harry can’t wait for Meghan to show him all the hotspots in L.A. once things get back to normal.”

Since they haven’t been going outside as much, the 38-year-old royal has taken it upon herself to get the house in order. “Meghan’s obsessive about the house being clean and is going through boxes of disinfectant wipes every day. She washes her hands every 15 minutes, and if Harry forgets, she’ll make sure she reminds him,” the insider reveals.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The royal couple has been so cautious that they haven’t even visited Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, who lives nearby. If the 63-year-old yoga instructor wants to see her grandson, then she has to FaceTime him on her phone. “Once things get back to normal they’ll see Doria,” another source told Closer on March 27.

Although no one knows for sure how long COVID-19 will last, Harry and Meghan will continue to do everything they can to keep baby Archie safe. Even if it means they have to stay in quarantine for a little while longer.

[Harry’s] spending time outside in the garden, making the most of the sunshine and playing with Archie,” a third insider told Closer about what Harry’s been up to. The red-haired hunk also joined Meghan in taking all of his business meetings inside. Since the couple made their last appearance as senior royals in March, they’ve been trying to rebuild their lives as a normal family.

“They’re hitting the ground running with their charity work and building a new platform [and new website],” the source explained. “They’re using Zoom for conference calls and meetings instead of having face-to-face meetings.”

It looks like the two lovebirds have everything figured out!

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