Princess Kate Middleton is keeping on with the tradition of royal birthday portraits for her kids! The Princess of Wales snapped a photo of her youngest son, Prince Louis, on his birthday amid her cancer battle.

“Happy 6th Birthday, Prince Louis!” the caption of the Tuesday, April 23, photo shared on Kensington Palace’s social media accounts read. “Thank you for all the kind wishes today. 📸 The Princess of Wales.”

Louis looked just like his father, Prince William, in the photo, in which he flashed a huge smile on his face.

Kate Middleton Snaps Portrait of Prince Louis Amid Cancer
The Princess of Wales/Kensington Palace

Kate, 42, previously revealed that she was very hands-on when it came to celebrating her kids’ birthdays at home.

“I love making the cake,” Kate, who is also a mom of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, said during BBC’s A Berry Royal Christmas With Mary Berry in 2019. “It’s become a bit of a tradition that I stay up ‘til midnight with ridiculous amounts of cake mix and icing, and I make far too much. But I love it.”

It’s been a month since Kate announced her cancer diagnosis in a March 22 video following a planned abdominal surgery. The princess is currently undergoing preventative chemotherapy after being advised by her medical team.

“This of course came as a huge shock, and William and I have been doing everything we can to process and manage this privately for the sake of our young family,” Kate said in the video.

“As you can imagine, this has taken time. It has taken me time to recover from major surgery in order to start my treatment,” she continued. “But, most importantly, it has taken us time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis in a way that is appropriate for them, and to reassure them that I am going to be OK.”

Her father-in-law King Charles III is also battling cancer, making them both feel “less alone” throughout their treatment.

“Kate would have been there for Charles no matter what, of course, but now when she finds something that gives her comfort, like a new hand cream or comfy bathrobe or a new TV show that she thinks is hysterical and takes her mind off of everything, she makes sure to share it with Charles,” an insider told Closer earlier this month.

“Going through this cancer journey together has brought them together in a way that they never expected, but is much appreciated by both of them,” the source added.