Saying goodbye to Good Bones was tough for Mina Starsiak Hawk and her fans after eight seasons. While walking away from the program was bittersweet, cast member MJ Coyle was not shocked by the decision to end the HGTV series.

During an episode of her “Mina AF” podcast on Tuesday, October 24, Mina asked MJ if he was “mad” that she decided not to continue on with the show after season 8.

“Absolutely not,” he responded. “There is no part of my being at all that didn’t see, recognize and meet you exactly at that decision.”

The designer went on to explain that the dynamic on the show’s set was tense between the cast, and they faced several challenges like exhaustion and accelerated deadlines over the seasons.

“It got to the point that our small team, at that point, we weren’t like even enjoying each other’s company,” MJ continued. “We got through COVID, we got through all of these things, we got through all of these seasons and everyone was just very burnt out. Everyone was sore. Everyone was miserable.”

Mina said that at one point, almost everyone was wearing wrist braces on both of their wrists after working hard on their home renovation projects.

“You can have dogs and babies and all of these great things around, but even when that stops putting a smile on your face, you’re like, ‘OK.’”

MJ also candidly revealed that he has not kept in contact with his Good Bones costars since filming wrapped on season 8.

“I haven’t talked to Cory [Miller] in a long time,” he said. “I haven’t talked to Tad [Starsiak]. I’ve talked to your mom just like briefly when everything kind of ended, but no, I think everyone just kind of needs space, and a little bit of time, and healing.”

MJ Coyle wears sunglasses in selfie
Courtesy of MJ Coyle/Instagram

Good Bones aired its series finale on October 17. Mina and her mom, Karen E. Laine, oversaw renovations on Tad’s new Indiana home. At the end of the episode, the family and cast gathered around to watch Tad propose to Anna Spiars in their new kitchen. Though it looked like a harmonious scene, the family has been riddled with drama behind the scenes.

On August 28, Mina revealed she was in a “challenging” place with Karen and Tad. She distanced herself from several members of her family as she looked toward the next chapter of her life and career with her husband, Steve Hawk.

The pair are currently renovating a new lake house, which will be featured in a spinoff show on HGTV at some point next year. MJ will have involvement in the two-episode special.

“I am filming the lake house, and MJ is in there here and there; he comes and helps us demo, and I’m always throwing stuff against the wall to see what will stick,” Mina, who is a mom to kids Jack and Charlotte, revealed. “If any new show ever did stick, MJ would definitely be one of the people that I’d be like, ‘Hey, do you want to do this?’”