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What Happened to Alan Hale Jr. Before, During and After Playing the ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Skipper?

Pre-conceived notions are something that many actors have had to deal with over the course of their careers — in some ways, Alan Hale Jr. had it tougher than most. And not just because he was so closely identified with the character of the Skipper on Classic TV sitcom Gilligan’s Island (currently airing on the MeTV network), but also to do with the fact that he was the spitting image of his father, character actor Alan Hale, who he was so frequently compared to for so many years of his life.

“I can’t help it,” he proclaimed in frustration to the Daily News-Post and Monrovia News-Post in 1950. “I just act the way I know best. It’s not my fault if it comes out like Dad. You can’t live with a man for 21 years and not pick up some of the things he does. Actually, both of us act like my grandfather.”