Not-so-real housewife Eva Longoria is so desperate for another hit, she’s ready to put her apron back on and return to Wisteria Lane! She’s resorted to begging Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry to resurrect the series, promising she “would be the first to sign up” if he pulls the trigger on a reboot.

Longoria, 49, played suburban siren Gabrielle Solis on the Emmy-winning hit, which ran from 2004 to 2012. Insiders say past-their-primetime cast members Marcia Cross, 62, Felicity Huffman, 61, Teri Hatcher, 59, and Nicollette Sheridan, 60, are also desperate to see the show relaunch and continue their now out-of-the-spotlight careers.

“Eva is by far the youngest of the pack and has kept a busy career going,” the source dishes, noting the Flamin’ Hot director stars in a new Apple TV+ series, Land of Women, and has a guest spot on the Hulu hit Only Murders in the Building.

“Marcia, Teri, Nicollette and Felicity have seen their acting careers fall off a cliff since Desperate Housewives ended, being older and less in demand,” the source continues. “And of course, Felicity has had other problems since going to jail in the college admissions scandal, which further stunted her career.”

So, it’s even odds whether the show will return, the source says. “Marc Cherry says he has trouble thinking of ways to advance these characters more than ten years after the show ended. But he still loves them and all the fun they had in their heyday. If Eva and her ​costars gang up on him, he may make it happen!”

​In June 2023, Eva told Access Hollywood she’s chatted with ​Marc about the idea of a reboot “several times.”

“He feels like there’s no why now? Like for the sake of a reboot, he wouldn’t do it. He wants to know, ‘What do I have to say with these characters that we haven’t already fully mined,’” she told the outlet before revealing what job her onscreen character Gabrielle would have today.

Desperate Housewives Cast Wants Reboot After Careers Fell Off

“She’d be an influencer for sure,” she said. “She’d be a social-media mogul.”

As for the Desperate Housewives’ relationships offscreen, most of the women have seemingly remained close. However, the same can’t be said for Felicity, who portrayed Lynette Scavo.

In 2019, Felicity faced legal trouble for her part in operation Varsity Blues, which cracked down on wealthy parents who used money to gain their children’s admissions into prestigious colleges. ​Felicity paid $15,000 to raise her daughter Sophia Grace Macy‘s SAT score. After pleading guilty to her actions, Felicity served 11 days in federal prison, which was three days short of her two-week sentence. She was also fined $30,000 and ordered to complete 250 hours of community service.

Now that she is putting the past behind her, Felicity is ready to restructure a group of friends. Sadly, her Desperate Housewives costars may not make the cut.

“Sure, she still knows her old Desperate Housewives ​castmates better than almost anybody because of the years they spent together on that show, but she never socialized with them and they’re not part of her attempted comeback story in any way, shape or form,” an insider told In Touch in May. “She’s got all the talent in the world but she just doesn’t have the meaningful relationships that you normally get from being a team player on a classic television series, and now she’s really paying the price for years of only looking out for her own best interests.”