Next year, Dark Angel will celebrate its 25th anniversary, and many are wondering if Jessica Alba would ever portray Max Guevara again in a reboot.

The series, which was created by James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee, began airing in 2000 and lasted for two seasons.

“Oh my goodness, would I do Dark Angel again? If Jim wanted to do Dark Angel, I would do Dark Angel again,” Jessica, 43, told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on Monday, June 17. “Yeah, ’cause he really has been a mentor of mine and it would just be fun to work with him. We have that history together and I admire him so much, so I think it would be fun.”

The Honest Company founder was just a teen when she scored her breakthrough role on the show. The dystopian series had quite a unique concept, as it was set in 2019 and told the story of a genetically modified super soldier played by Jessica.

“[Dark Angel] was ahead of its time, for sure, but it would be really interesting just to see where Jim and Chuck would take it knowing what we know now about AI and everything, yeah, and just where technology is,” she said of possibly reviving the series. “It would be cool to see how, where they would dream.”

Of course Jessica’s life and career has changed so much since her Dark Angel days. In 2008, the Golden Globe nominee married Cash Warren. The pair welcomed three children together: Honor, Haven and Hayes.

Jessica Alba Says She Would Be on Board for Potential Dark Angel Reboot
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

“It’s well known that back when they first got married Cash had quite the roving eye. But some years back he came to his senses and realized he didn’t want to lose Jessica and he went from being quite the misogynistic jerk to a total hero hubby,” an insider told Closer of their marriage earlier this month. “It did take some serious work, there’s no way they would have made it this far without therapy, but at the end of the day they’re proof that sometimes it’s worth sticking it out because here they are, all these years later, more in love than ever.”

The couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in May, with Jessica posting a sweet tribute to her hubby on Instagram.

“I’m proud of us for making it this far,” she captioned a touching post. “There is no real set of rules or guidance that can ever prepare you for what it means to commit to another person and choose to be family. Through thick and thin we have continually found our way back to each other and have chosen one another. Cheers to us, I love you.”