Mina Starsiak Hawk and her mom, Karen E Laine, launched their home renovation company, Two Chicks and a Hammer, in Indianapolis, Indiana, seven years before their HGTV show, Good Bones, premiered in 2016. While the mother-daughter duo might not be hanging up their tool belts, they are moving on to other endeavors as HGTV has canceled the long-running series after eight seasons.

Why Was ‘Good Bones’ Canceled?

Mina took to her podcast, “Mina AF,” on Monday, August 7, to drop the bombshell news that left fans in shock. “Today, I filmed my last few pickups for Good Bones. Not Good Bones season 8, but for Good Bones. So it is official, that’s a wrap, folks,” she announced. 

While details on her decision were not immediately made clear, Mina revealed that it was her decision to end the show as she “just needed to switch it up.”

For her part, Karen announced her retirement from the company and took a step back from TV in a series of Instagram posts in September 2019. “After a long career of practicing law and revitalizing homes and neighborhoods, Karen is retiring from Two Chicks and a Hammer,” the statement read. “Karen is excited to spend her time doing all the things she loves like spending more time with [her husband] Roger, sailing, hanging with her chickens, and working on DIY’s for Good Bones!”

What Has Mina Starsiak Hawk Said About the Ending?

The mother of two added in her Monday podcast episode that she had to “say goodbye to some people today,” referring to crewmembers of the show and her company. 

“Something I’m super, super proud of, and really grateful to the network for, is making a show for the last eight years that, for the huge majority of the time, has been super representative of who I am, who the boys are, what we’re doing, and it was really important to me from the beginning to do that,” Mina continued, before giving Chip and Joanna Gaines credit for paving the way for her and other HGTV stars who followed. “I think really Fixer Upper kind of led the charge on, ‘This is real people who have a real company or are trying to do a real thing,’ and that’s what my mom and I were doing when the show started.”

Mina went on to express her appreciation for the cast and crew who have been there throughout her journey, saying, “We’ve all seen each other grow up for the last decade.”

“They’ve seen me get engaged, get married, be a foster parent to my niece, have Jack, go through IVF, have Charlie, and then all just the regular daily struggles,” she continued. “We created this weird, big dysfunctional family that just came to an end today, and it’s so weird because with family you don’t, like, end that relationship really, no matter how dysfunctional it gets.”

When Does ‘Good Bones’ Season 8 Premiere?

The eighth and final season of Good Bones will feature 10 episodes and premieres Tuesday, August 15, on HGTV.