HGTV’s Good Bones had its fair share of drama going on behind the scenes during its eight seasons. In a “Mina AF” podcast episode on Tuesday, October 24, designer MJ Coyle revealed he does not keep in contact with his former costars.

“I haven’t talked to Cory [Miller] in a long time,” he admitted during the candid conversation with host Mina Starsiak Hawk. “I haven’t talked to Tad [Starsiak]. I’ve talked to your mom just like briefly when everything kind of ended, but no, I think everyone just kind of needs space and a little bit of time, and healing.”

Mina, who recently opened up about her “challenging” dynamic with her family members, explained that the cast has experienced several ups and downs over the seasons.

“What’s so weird is you and I have definitely had our moments and definitely had our disagreements,” she reflected. “We took a break just from existing in life but still text and shoot each other stuff, and if I think of a funny meme on Instagram, I send it to you. That relationship has continued, whereas it seems like the other ones, the only thing holding it together was that it had to be together.”

The realtor confessed that “it’s kind of a bummer” to not be in a great place with some of her costars, including her mom, Karen E. Laine, and brother Tad.

“When all the chips fall, you’re like, ‘Well, who’s still around?’” Mina continued. “And I think it’s always disappointing for people to see who actually is.”

Mina Starsiak Hawk leans her head on MJ Coyle's shoulder
Courtesy of MJ Coyle/Instagram

Though her relationships with Karen and Tad are still pretty rocky, it seems like Mina and MJ definitely established a lasting friendship. The designer is currently involved in Mina’s lake house renovation project, which is the premise of her two-episode spinoff show set to air on HGTV next year.

“I am filming the lake house, and MJ is in there here and there; he comes and helps us demo and I’m always throwing stuff against the wall to see what will stick,” Mina revealed. “If any new show ever did stick, MJ would definitely be one of the people that I’d be like, ‘Hey, do you want to do this?'”

Both Mina and MJ’s lives are certainly different now that they are no longer doing projects on Good Bones. But waving goodbye to the series gave them the opportunity to think about what they hope to accomplish next.

“This is how I see it in general: the ball was rolling so fast, it’s impossible to get it to stop and revisit and reconfigure some things,” Mina explained. “And through a whole lot of emotional heartache, physical pain, mental anguish, I got the ball to stop for a minute, and I think it’s provided some clarity that we can move forward with in a very successful way that really feels like it has longevity.”