We feel you, mama! Kristen Bell got candid about the struggles she’s faced homeschooling daughters Lincoln and Delta in quarantine — especially when it comes to her youngest. The Veronica Mars star jokingly explained why she “gave up” teaching 5-year-old Delta at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“To be honest, I threw in the towel,” Kristen, 39, hilariously dished during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, May 12. The doting mom, who shares Delta and Lincoln, 7, with husband Dax Shepard, insisted it all started going downhill after she “attempted to give [Delta] some math problems” at the beginning of quarantine.

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

“I handed them to her and she answered the first and second one,” Kristen recalled as an image of her little girl’s laughworthy homework appeared on the screen. “And then she got real sassy and in the answer grid of the rest of the questions, she just wrote ‘No.’ What’s four plus four? ‘No.’ What’s 10 minus one? ‘No.’ Three minus two? ‘No.'” Ha!

Although she’s having some trouble teaching Delta, Kristen revealed things have been a little easier with Lincoln. The Good Place actress even dished the sweet story behind an encouraging note she received from her eldest child in early May.

At the time, the Frozen star — who tied the knot with Dax, 45, in 2013 — shared a super cute pic of a note that read, “You are a great home teacher,” penned for her by Lincoln. “Last night I found this message next to my bed, left by my 7-year-old,” Kristen captioned the snap via Instagram.

“At her school, they have social emotional learning classes, and in their social emotional learning classes, they talked a lot about bucket fillers,” she explained to Ellen, 62, noting “bucket fillers” are sweet acts of service. “She’s in first grade and they talk a lot about how to fill someone’s bucket and get some intrinsic value.”

Kristen gushed she was surprised with the sweet note after Lincoln was assigned homework to “make a bucket fillers for the whole family” and hide them around the house. “So I found this note next to this bed as I was falling asleep,” the Academy Award winner marveled. “It was my bucket filler.”

When they’re not focusing on schoolwork, however, Kristen and Dax are making sure to keep Lincoln and Delta entertained in fun ways.

“We’re doing just art projects around the house. We have neon glow paint and we’ve been painting the rocks outside so they glow … and just doing silly stuff,” she shared with ET in early April. “Just reconnecting with each other — I think that’s the most valuable lesson.”

Hang in there, Kristen!

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