Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, a Guide to the Pair's Children
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When it comes to famous families in Hollywood, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard like to keep things low-key. So much so, that the A-listers have never shared a photo of their children’s faces! That’s right, daughters Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4, have been kept out of the spotlight entirely. 

Even without seeing their sure-to-be adorable mugs, the girls are still featured quite a bit on social media. More often than not, The Good Place actress, 39, will simply place an emoji over Lincoln and Delta. For example, in August, Kristen took to Instagram to share a selfie from the emergency room with one of her daughters.

Kristen Bell Snaps a Selfie With Daughter in Emergency Room
Courtesy of Kristen Bell/Instagram

While the injury was in plain sight, Kristen placed a bandage symbol of her kiddo’s face. As much as we’d love to gush over what her little ones look like, sharing vulnerable mommy moments is just as important. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. In the past, Kristen and Dax, 44, have faced backlash for keeping their children’s identities so private.

In February, Kristen appeared in a new commercial for Hello Bello, a plant-based baby products company, alongside a toddler. After sharing the video on IG, followers began to question her methods. “So your kids deserve privacy but you don’t mind exploiting other people’s children for monetary gain?” one person wrote.

Dax Shepard and His Daughter
Courtesy of Kristen Bell/Instagram

“Well, there’s a big difference. If [Dax and I] expose our kids’ faces, there is a real threat of them getting stalked, or of a stranger coming up to them and knowing their name,” Kristen replied. “It’s a safety thing … I don’t fault other parents for showing their kids when they don’t have the same safety concerns.”

Well-said, Kristen! Here’s hoping as Lincoln and Delta get older, their parents will be more comfortable with snapping photos of them. In the meantime, listening to Kristen fawn over her daughters is enough for us, especially when it comes to her choice to participate in the Veronica Mars reboot

“When I decided to take on [this role], I was like, ‘You know what, now that I went back and reread the scripts and watched the show, I want my girls to have this character in their life,’” she told Access Hollywood in July. “I made the choice as a mom, now — which was really hard — to go, ‘I’m gonna miss a couple of bedtimes for a couple of months because I want this character to exist in the world.’ I want her to be a zeitgeist. I want girls to reference her, I want girls to feel like her.”