The joys of parenting. Kristen Bell shared the funniest photo of her kids, Delta and Lincoln’s breakfast, which consisted of cereal, a Rice Krispies treat and french fries with a side of ketchup.

“I asked my kids to start making their own breakfast and here’s what I woke up to her eating,” Kristen, 39, jokingly captioned the Instagram post on Saturday, June 20. “I think I might not be doing this right!”

After seeing the snap, Kristen’s fans commented on how incredible her two daughters are. “HAHAHA! This is amazing, so cute to see how their little brains work,” one person said. Another added, “Hahaha awesome!!! YOU are doing it right. So what it [isn’t] the healthiest, BUT they have been guided enough they can make that! Great job, mamma!”

Kristen shares her kids with husband Dax Shepard, and she always jokes about the funny things they do. For instance, the Veronica Mars star shared a hilarious drawing Lincoln did for her school paper, which she called, “How My Mommy Reacts To Me.”

In the four corners of the page, Lincoln wrote, “bad reactions,” “no patience,” “doesn’t believe in me” and “stern voice.” Although Kristen was taken aback from her daughter’s creation, she ended up sharing it on Instagram on April 27 and wrote, “Touche my young lass. Touche,” in the caption.

Things like that are the reason why the Bad Moms star “gave up” homeschooling her kids amid the coronavirus pandemic. “To be honest, I threw in the towel,” she revealed to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show in May. Kristen recalled working with Delta on some math problems, but after a few tries, Delta got “real sassy” with her mom.

“She just wrote, ‘No.’ What’s four plus four? ‘No.’ What’s 10 minus one? ‘No.’ Three minus two? ‘No,’” the actress shared. But despite their struggles, Kristen’s kids still think she’s a “great home teacher.”

It seems like the only thing the blonde beauty has left is to teach her children how to make a proper breakfast in the morning!