Home renovation stars Chip and Joanna Gaines built their successful empire from the ground up in Waco, Texas. Years after Fixer Upper ended on HGTV, many have wondered whether the couple still lives in their historic farmhouse in the famed city. Scroll below for updates on where they currently reside with their five children. 

Where Did Chip and Joanna Gaines Live While Filming ‘Fixer Upper’?

In May 2013, HGTV viewers were introduced to Chip and Joanna in the very first episode of Fixer Upper. While the first season of the show was airing, the pair were getting ready to make a huge change in their personal lives — moving into a new house of their own in Waco. 

The contractor and the designer first purchased the 1,700-square-foot estate in 2012. They were ready to move into the home in October 2013 after some renovations were made to the historic property. The farmhouse was built in the 1880s with Victorian influences, something Joanna particularly loved.

“Because of the farmhouse’s unique footprint, it really forced me to take my time furnishing it,” the bestselling author explained in an October 2019 blog post. “You’ll notice that a few original pieces have remained on our walls or displayed on shelves — that’s because they mean a great deal to our family and will therefore always have a place in our home. When I look around, it’s those pieces that tell the story of our family, and I’ll never tire of seeing them.” 

Chip, Joanna Gaines Living Room Photos: Pictures Inside 
Courtesy of Magnolia Network/YouTube

Chip and Joanna, who are parents to kids Drake, Ella Rose, Duke, Emmie Kay and Crew, constantly made adjustments to the decor in their kids’ rooms to reflect their changing personalities. 

“As they get older, I’m realizing how important it is when their rooms are supporting the season they’re in,” the mom of five penned. 

Fixer Upper ended its run on HGTV in April 2018 after five seasons. The duo launched Magnolia Network in the years that followed and regularly appear in multiple shows on the channel. Many loyal fans have noticed that the kitchen Joanna cooks in on the show Magnolia Table is not the same kitchen in her Waco farmhouse. The TV personality later revealed the shocking truth behind her changing backdrop. 

Do Chip and Joanna Gaines Still Live in Waco?  

Chip and Joanna still live in Waco with their five children in their beloved farmhouse. The sprawling garden and newly renovated living room have been showcased many times on their Instagram pages. 

When it comes to filming Magnolia Table, the cooking enthusiast appears in a kitchen located at another historic property called The Gristmill.  

“The TV kitchen is a lot larger and more organized. When you open up my cabinets, they are all over the map and it takes me 10 minutes to figure out where the salt and pepper is,” Joanna told Architectural Digest of her two kitchens. “In The Gristmill, it is just lined up perfectly and everything looks just very organized. I would say typically I function well in chaos. When I organize, Chip will always say, ‘It looks really good!’ And then a week later it’s all back to the way it was.”

What Other Properties Do They Own? 

In addition to their farmhouse, Chip and Joanna own Cottonland Castle, which was renovated on Fixer Upper: The Castle in late 2022. The Magnolia Market owners also announced that they purchased a hotel in April 2023 in downtown Waco.