Hoda Kotb is Jerry Seinfeld’s No. 1 fan — and that obsession has led to some stalking, according to her Today cohost, Jenna Bush Hager. The journalist aired out her friend’s secret past to the comedian on their talk show on Wednesday, April 24.

“Did you know that Hoda used to stand outside your apartment building?” Jenna, 42, told Jerry, 69, as soon as she greeted him on Today With Hoda & Jenna. Despite Hoda, 59, asking Jenna not to “go into my past,” the Texas native continued to explain her former routine to the Seinfeld star.

“She used to wait outside and just hope she could get a glimpse of you,” Jenna added.

Trying to redeem herself, Hoda explained that she and her sister Hala would camp outside his New York City apartment to try to spot him. “We saw you at the Mets game on TV, and then we were like, ‘How long does it take to get back?’” she said. “Because I lived near where you used to live, according to sources and doormen.”

The mom of two continued, “We would stand and wait. We figured, ‘Does he take the subway? Does he take a car?’”

Thankfully, Jerry wasn’t too uncomfortable by Hoda’s story. In fact, he was flattered.

“This is the nicest thing I’ve heard all day. This makes me feel so good,” the Bee Movie star said.

“And a little creeped?” Jenna asked.

Jerry replied with a laugh, “No, no, I don’t mind a little stalking. A little stalking is okay!”

Hoda’s stalking days are (hopefully) behind her, but she’s back on the dating scene after her breakup from ex-fiancé Joel Schiffman in January 2022. During the April 17 episode of Today, Hoda revealed that she once asked a guest for their phone number, and it backfired.

“We asked a guest ‘cause we liked this guest for me, but this guest was busy, taken and had children,” she said. “And so, we asked about friends. So, we essentially asked for a number on the show, which I have.”

Jenna also recently shot down rumors that Hoda was dating her driver, Eddie.

“We should just say, Eddie drives you [to work],” she said during the April 16 episode. “People thought he was your boyfriend for a minute.”

She continued, “I saw him yesterday and I was like, ‘What’s up, Eddie?’ And he was like, ‘Can you believe it?’ And you love him, you’ve worked with him for many years. Any of y’all who thought that she had found ‘The One,’ she’s still looking.”