Hoda Kotb admitted that she once asked a Today guest for their phone number, but the outcome was rather unexpected.

“We asked a guest ‘cause we liked this guest for me, but this guest was busy, taken and had children,” Hoda, 59, told the audience during an episode of the talk show on Wednesday, April 17. “And so, we asked about friends. So, we essentially asked for a number on the show, which I have.”

Asking guests for their phone numbers isn’t uncommon for Hoda. “She does both. Friend dates and date dates,” Jenna Bush Hager said of why her costar does it.

Hoda is currently single and back on the dating scene after her breakup from ex-fiancé Joel Schiffman. Jenna, 42, also shot down rumors that Hoda was dating her driver, Eddie.

“We should just say, Eddie drives you [to work],” Jenna said during an episode of the show on Tuesday, April 16. “People thought he was your boyfriend for a minute.”

Apparently, Eddie was also privy to the rumors going around that he and Hoda were an item.

“I saw him yesterday and I was like, ‘What’s up, Eddie?’ And he was like, ‘Can you believe it?’” Jenna said. “And you love him, you’ve worked with him for many years.”

Hoda Kotb Asked Today Guest for Their Phone Number
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Hoda further explained that her friendship with Eddie is strictly platonic. “Any of y’all who thought that she had found ‘The One,’ she’s still looking,” Jenna added.

The Hope Is a Rainbow author has made many dating confessions since returning to the dating scene. In early March, Hoda revealed she was going on her third date with a mystery man, whom she was introduced to through Jenna.

“I had a great time … I had a great time on our date. I loved it,” she told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on March 8. “There has been a second one already. Hey, that’s how it goes … We’ll have our third coming up. It’s really fun.”

The broadcaster will be the first one to admit that it’s not always easy to put yourself out there.

“Life is beautiful,” Hoda told the outlet. “Try things, go out, get out of your house and your apartment. I feel like life is meant to be experienced and [you should] step out into it. I love it.”