Candace Cameron Bure is looking forward to the day when her daughter, Natasha Bure, finds true love, but for now, she understands she’s just dating. While exclusively chatting with Closer Weekly about her young adult’s love life, the Fuller House alum says she’s “happy” Natasha, 22, is putting herself out there.

“She’s dating a lot … and I’m good with that. I’m happy,” the 45-year-old shares with Closer ahead of the premiere of her new film, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Til Death Do Us Part, on Sunday, June 13. However, Candace reveals her only worry, saying, “She has to date the right guys.”

Courtesy of Natasha Bure/Instagram

Natasha is on the market and meeting potential suitors, but the Hallmark star says this isn’t a new thing for her daughter. “I apparently had it wrong,” Candace jokes, pointing out Natasha has kept a tight lip about her romances up until now. “She just wasn’t telling me about all of her dates at the time.”

The Emmy nominee shares her eldest child with her longtime husband, Valeri Bure. The couple wed in 1996 and after welcoming Natasha in 1998, Candace gave birth to their first son, Lev, in 2000, followed by their youngest kid, Maskim, in 2002.

While previously speaking with Closer in August 2020, Candace opened up about Natasha’s love life, revealing the reason she was single. “She’s not going to date anyone just to date them,” the No One Would Tell actress shared. “She’s picky in a good way.”

Though Candace noted she “loves” that Natasha isn’t in a rush, she can’t help but yearn for the day when she becomes a mother-in-law. “Momma’s still waiting,” the former Full House star teased.


“I’m starting to be that annoying mom that’s like, ‘Come on … I need grandchildren!'” Candace hilariously continued. “I mean, I need a husband for her first, but then grandchildren!”

It seems Natasha has a long list of qualities that she wants in a boyfriend, but for Candace, it won’t take much to satisfy her as a hopeful mother-in-law. The former Growing Pains star said “all [she] really [cares] about” is whether her daughter’s future husband has a “love” for God and is good to her.

“I’m like, ‘Does she love Jesus, and does she treat you well?’ And that’s the same with my boys,” she told Closer. “That’s always what I want for them.”

Be sure to catch Candace in her new film, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Til Death Do Us Part, on Hallmark at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 13.