Although Candace Cameron Bure would love it if her daughter, Natasha Bure, came to her for dating advice, Candace, 44, exclusively tells Closer her 21-year-old kid “doesn’t do enough dating” to begin with.

“I love that because she’s picky in a good way. She’s not going to date anyone just to date them, but momma’s still waiting,” the Full House alum laughs. “I’m starting to be that annoying mom that’s like, ‘Come on, you’re almost 22. I need grandchildren!’ I mean, I need a husband for her first, but then grandchildren!”

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However, if Natasha did find someone who makes her laughs, Candace would ask her daughter if they have “love” for God. “Because that’s all I really care about,” she says. “‘Does he love Jesus and does he treat you well?’ And that’s the same with my boys. I’m like, ‘Does she love Jesus, and does she treat you well?’ That’s always what I want for them.”

While helping to provide school supplies for children in need with “Stuff the Bus,” Candace’s partnership with Walmart and The Salvation Army, she says Natasha is also doing well in the entertainment industry. “She prefers doing her own thing,” the mom of three gushes about the YouTube star, who also acted in season 5 of Fuller House. But that’s not all.

“We did do a Hallmark movie together a few years ago — she played my daughter in it which was cute, but yeah, she’s really forging her own career,” the Some Kind of Wonderful star says. But no matter how many jobs Natasha books, her mom would “only give her [career] advice if she asks for it.”

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“Otherwise she won’t listen to me,” Candace explains. “But she does ask for it once in a while and I mean, I always am there. She knows I’m there to help her navigate her career in the industry.”

After seeing everything the Instagram influencer has achieved from starring in movies like Home Sweet Home to getting over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube, Candace feels so “proud” of her daughter. “She’s so fun. Her YouTube is so adorable!” the actress gushes. “She’s doing such a great job.”

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Reporting by Diana Cooper