Fans of Good Bones were heartbroken to say goodbye to the series after the final episode aired on October 17, 2023. For eight seasons, viewers fell in love with the show’s vibrant cast, including designer MJ Coyle.

What Happened to MJ Coyle From ‘Good Bones’?

MJ joined the Two Chicks and a Hammer team when Good Bones was filming the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4. He recalled his chaotic first day on the show’s set working with Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E. Laine.

“In typical Mina fashion, on my first day, Karen got there first because Karen was still part of the company, so I was getting a complete, total earful,” he recalled during an episode of Mina’s podcast on October 24, 2023. “Then you walked in with a paper towel in your hand full of hard-boiled eggs, and I was like, ‘This woman is completely unhinged. Who brings hard-boiled eggs anywhere? What is happening? And now she is going to peel and eat them right in front of me on my first day.’”

The artistic talent assisted in several memorable renovations, always bringing an innovative approach to interior design in the process. While it seemed like he was having a blast working with the Indianapolis-based team, MJ revealed what was really going on behind the scenes of the show’s final season.

“It got to the point that our small team, at that point, we weren’t like even enjoying each other’s company,” he explained of the tension on set. “We got through COVID, we got through all of these things, we got through all of these seasons and everyone was just very burnt out. Everyone was sore. Everyone was miserable.

Where Is MJ Coyle Now?

Since wrapping filming on Good Bones, a lot has changed in the lives of the show’s cast members. MJ no longer works for Mina at Two Chicks and a Hammer. He is currently working full-time as an interior designer at his own company, MJ Coyle Home.

MJ Coyle poses with a basketball in his hand
Courtesy of MJ Coyle/Instagram

In addition to working on his incredible art pieces, the TV personality loves spending time with his husband, Andrew Merkley. He admitted that he has not kept in contact with his Good Bones costars other than Mina since the show ended.

“I haven’t talked to Cory [Miller] in a long time,” he said during the podcast. “I haven’t talked to Tad [Starsiak]. I’ve talked to your mom just like briefly when everything kind of ended, but no, I think everyone just kind of needs space, and a little bit of time, and healing.”

MJ has also been helping Mina out with her latest project — renovating her new lake house. The home improvement expert has been assisting with demo, which is being documented for a two-episode HGTV spinoff set to air on the network next year.