For eight seasons, Good Bones captivated HGTV audiences with its vibrant cast of home improvement stars. Led by Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E. Laine, the series marked its final episode on October 17, 2023. Fans have wondered what happened to cast member Cory Miller after filming wrapped on the show’s last season.

What Happened to Cory Miller From ‘Good Bones’?

Cory served as the project manager on Good Bones. His guidance was vital to the success of the many home transformations on the show.

“I do walkthroughs with Mina; floorplan meetings with Mina; demo; projects with MJ; projects with Karen; landscaping with Karen; random cabinet installs requested by Mina — yeah, I do a lot of it,” he once told HGTV of his duties. “I do a lot of whatever we do.”

Per his LinkedIn profile, Cory officially began working for Mina’s Two Chicks and a Hammer business in 2016. Viewers got to see the construction expert’s sense of humor shine through on Good Bones. He also became a mainstay on Karen’s Instagram page, assisting her with DIY projects in fun videos.

Where Is Cory Miller Now?

In August 2023, Mina announced that Good Bones was ending after season 8. Fans were curious to know what the future would look like for Two Chicks and a Hammer and its team. During an episode of her podcast in October 2023, Mina revealed that Cory no longer worked for her company, and he hadn’t “for a long time.”

The realtor also opened up about experiencing a different vibe on set while filming the show’s last season.

“So, while I want to say, ‘Do this, do this, do this, wear this, put this on, put your gloves back on, put your mask back on. What are you doing? Why are you wearing this? Why do you have a dangly earring at demo? That seems dangerous,’ they’re not my employees and they don’t listen to me,” she continued.

Cory Miller holds a puppy in his hands
Courtesy of Cory Miller/Instagram

Mina downsized her team and decided to put her company’s headquarters up for sale or rent. Cory has been focused on growing his own business, Miller Built LLC, specializing in new construction and remodels.

Under a May 2023 Instagram post, Cory explained to fans that although he no longer worked for Mina, he was still very involved in Good Bones’ final season.

“Everything is great!” he assured his followers. “We still worked heavily on the show together even after we split.”

Months later, Mina dropped a bombshell in a December 2023 podcast episode that she had a falling out with Cory, leading them to unfollow each other on Instagram.

“So, there’s been enough questions about Cory that I’m going to try to address this in a respectful way again, understanding that I have a platform that he maybe doesn’t have,” she told listeners. “Cory and I are not on speaking terms. I am positive that there are things he feels like I did to him, and I have known him since he was 11, and I’ve always had a soft spot for him.”

She did not entirely specify what went down between them, simply saying, “a couple things that happened toward the end.” The revelation came just after Cory teased a new project with Karen in his Instagram Stories.

“I just kind of wanted to separate that out from my world, and he probably wanted to do the same,” Mina explained during the episode. “It’s a super bummer because I have historically had a great relationship with Cory, and when things end particularly like they did, people’s colors just show a little more, which is a blessing because then I have a choice to make a different choice.”