HGTV’s Mina Starsiak Hawk has been known not to hold anything back. In a September 24 post in her Instagram Stories, the Good Bones host admitted that “life’s been a lot” lately.

The revelation came during an impromptu tour of the HGTV star’s new lake house, which she purchased with her husband, Steve Hawk. It’s been a while since fans have gotten to see a glimpse of the renovations going on within the estate. It looks like the lakefront property is shaping up to be quite the city escape, but the Starsiak family has been embroiled in drama in recent months.

Mina, who shares kids Jack and Charlotte with Steve, previously opened up about the “current state of affairs” with her mom, Karen E. Laine, and brothers Tad and William Starsiak.

“Not only do my mom and my two brothers not fall into that category of being involved in their life on a regular basis, we’re also not on good terms,” she revealed during an August 28 episode of her podcast, “Mina AF.”

Mina has since patched things up with William but admitted that her relationships are still rocky with Karen and Tad.

“My brother Tad said some really awful stuff to me and I’m sure he would say that I’ve said some awful stuff to him too,” she recalled in a September 20 podcast episode. “But the most recent stuff he said to me, he can’t say it’s not what he said. He can’t say I misunderstood. It’s in text and it’s black and white and that was kind of my final straw there.”

Mina Starsiak Hawk stands in kitchen in a mauve top and jeans
Courtesy of Mina Starsiak Hawk/Instagram

The mom of two did not invite Karen to Jack’s 5th birthday party last month, a decision she still stands by.

“You can still judge me for not inviting my mom to Jack’s birthday party,” Mina told her listeners. “You can dislike me for it. You can still think I’m the problem, which I’m for sure part of the problem. I’m working on it.”

She also shared that Karen has had little interaction with her grandkids amid the family drama.

“Charlie’s birthday was this past weekend, and my mom didn’t call or text or give her a card or drop a present on the door and I know she feels like she has very valid reasons for not working on developing relationships with my kids,” Mina admitted. “But I just can’t understand that.”

So far, Karen has not publicly responded to Mina’s comments on her social media accounts. The DIY expert costars alongside her daughter in Good Bones, which is currently in its final season on HGTV.