Joy Behar wasn’t afraid to go there with guest Ricky Martin during the Wednesday, May 8, episode of The View when she directly asked him if he had a foot fetish.

The conversation got off to a steamy start when the panel asked Ricky, 52, about a sexy shirtless selfie wearing just his underwear, which he shared via Instagram on Sunday, May 5. “Is this what you’d call a thirst trap?” Sunny Hostin asked.

The Palm Royale star said he did it to get more clicks, explaining, “My posts were getting like 25,000 likes, maybe 40 [thousand]. And I’m like, let’s just push it a little bit. This one got 300,000 likes!”

Joy, 81, told Ricky, “We’re learning a lot about you,” then said, “I heard you’re a foot fetishist also.” While initially taken aback, the “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer proudly admitted, “I love feet.”

Joy Behar Asks Ricky Martin If He Has a Foot Fetish on The View

Getting flirtatious, Ricky told Joy, “I heard you have beautiful feet.” Sunny, 55, confirmed her cohost has “nice feet,” as Joy joked that “not only I, but all of us are also on WikiFeet,” a website that features photos of celebrity feet.

Whoopi Goldberg said to count her out of that statement, noting, “Not me,” while Joy agreed that the EGOT winner’s feet were “too big.”

The “Shake Your Bon-Bon” singer wasn’t sure if he would make the cut, admitting about his feet, “Mine, I don’t know. I’m a dancer, you know? But, some people like mine!”

Both Ricky and Joy have been open when it comes to discussing foot fetishes in the past.

The American Crime Story star dished about his love of feet in a February profile in GQ.

“I love feet. I have a foot thing,” Ricky told the publication. “I love foot massages, and I would kiss your feet like crazy for hours.”

“I have fans that can draw my feet like a piece of art,” he continued. “They write to me: ‘Ricky, I can recognize your feet a mile away.'”

“We all have something,” he admitted unabashedly, adding, “Some have a fetish of armpits.”

In a January episode of The View amid a discussion about “kinks” and “fetishes,” Joy said she had “beautiful feet.”

“Not to brag, but my feet have created foot fetishists out there,” the comedian confessed. “So, I can’t really respond to this. I feel that I’m responsible for a lot of foot fetishes.” Sarah Haines agreed that Joy’s feet were “very elegant.”

During the lengthy Hot Topics discussion, Whoopi, 68, got up and left the table. When she returned, Joy asked why she left.

“I was so enamored by what you were saying that I felt that I needed to take a breath so I could just get myself together so I could come back to the table,” Whoopi snarked. “So, I just got up and walked away and just got myself together.” Joy shot back, “See, this is what my feet do to people.”