What does working on The View for more than 20 years get you? A very impressive net worth that’s what! At $12 million, Joy Behar might just be one of the most valued cohosts who has ever worked on the hit morning talk show, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

“Women like to hear what other women have to say and we’re providing that,” Joy gushed to TV Insider about working on The View. “One reason we’re very popular is because of the unpredictability of what we’re going to say. That’s why the show has existed this long. We don’t take prisoners, if you get my meaning.”

ABC's "The View" - Season 20
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Joy has practically interviewed anyone whose anyone in Hollywood and her favorite topic to cover will always be politics. “We’re very educated women with points of view and we’re not afraid to speak out,” she explained. “We speak our minds and voice our opinions with impunity. That’s a very important function.”

Plus, she believes ABC’s veteran anchor Barbara Walters likes her the most on the show. “Yes. I think I was her favorite,” Joy admitted. “But the others may say that [about themselves], too. I used to go to her house all the time in the Hamptons. She liked my husband.”

Thanks to her fans, The View has been one of the most successful shows that ABC has ever aired on TV and thankfully, the network doesn’t plan on cancelling the program anytime soon.

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“That’s really kind of heartwarming to think that there are people who like you, like what you’re saying, are interested in your opinion, and maybe you have some influence in the way they think,” Joy said about her fans. “All of that is very gratifying. I thank the audience. Without them, you haven’t got a job.”

Please let us know if The View is hiring!